Our Policy

What Is Within The Scope of Our Practice?

Pediatric urgent care offers treatment for many conditions that may not be able to be treated in the regular pediatric office, such as mild to moderate dehydration requiring IV fluids, asthma exacerbations needing nebulization and lacerations requiring sutures/stitches.

What Is Not Within The Scope of Our Practice?

We are a hybrid practice, which offers primary care inclusive of well visits/immunization during the morning hours and then urgent care services after hours. We will be happy to liaise with your primary care Pediatrician to ensure timely follow up if you take advantage of our convenient service.

The facility does not offer physical examinations for schools nor do we administer routine vaccinations ‘after normal office hours’. 

In addition, we recommend that any life threatening emergencies, such as if your child is unresponsive, be taken DIRECTLY to your nearest hospital.